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Photocopier leasing London & Kent

Photocopier leasing

Photocopier leasing

Why rent or lease a photocopier?

Due to the significant initial investment many companies consider leasing photocopiers. Leasing has some tax benefits and the main reason is cash flow.

A small amount each month over 36 or 60 months is easier on business finances than a big chunk of cash straight away.

The predictable monthly expense helps a business budget more effectively. You can have the latest model photocopier for your business without making a major purchase.

What are the benefits of leasing?

  1. Predictable monthly payments.
  2. No payment upfront.
  3. Early upgrade options

More detailed information

The Advantages of Leasing Photocopiers/Mfds

Owning a copy machine can be a financial burden for many small businesses. Aside from supply costs and maintenance fees, coming up with the initial capital to purchase the copier can stretch operational budgets beyond profitable limits. Copy machine leasing helps ease the up-front monetary investment and may provide a number of other attractive benefits


Small businesses seldom have unlimited capital at their disposal. Saving financial resources for exploring business opportunities and for making purchases that appreciate over time is far more important than investing in office technology that will only lose value. Avoiding big purchases like copy machines keeps bank lines of credit available for more significant business needs. Lease agreements may even include the cost of supplies, further reducing the initial payout.


Leasing a copier can alleviate budgeting concerns. Instead of making one large payment at the time of purchase, leasing a copier establishes a set schedule of much smaller payments, enabling you to better arrange financial resources. You may even choose the length and terms of your lease arrangement to offer the most payment flexibility. Changes in interest rates also do not affect the established payment amounts


Copier leasing provides a distinct tax advantage over copier purchasing. If you buy a copier, you may only deduct the machine's depreciation, which is typically 40 percent of the purchasing price the first year and then 25 percent of the purchasing price in subsequent years. However, if you lease a copier, the lease payment is considered a pretax business expense, meaning you can deduct the entire payment each time it's made.


Copier machines depreciate over time, losing value due to use and to the constant introduction of newer, better technology. If your business purchases a copier, you can only upgrade in technology by investing in another new machine. You would also need to get rid of the previous model, adding to your time expenditures. In contrast, most copier lease agreements have options to upgrade the copier at a predetermined date. Such lease arrangements enable your business to always be in line with the newest office technology. Avoiding obsolescence also means more efficient copying since newer machines have lower per-page costs. Efficiency translates to increased profit and a greater return on your lease investment

Bowden Digitec Ltd

Bowden Digitec have over 19 years’ experience in photocopiers and have various leasing options

And deal with all the main lease companies.

Colour or black and white photocopier/printer?

Making the choice of having a colour or black and white photocopier/printer is key and could save you a lot of money. Firstly, do you have small printers that are colour? If so you could be spending excess funds that could be used elsewhere in the business. If this was the case we would advise you to have a colour photocopier, although the photocopier itself is more expensive, the running costs are much cheaper compared to the running costs of a small printer which can work out to be very expensive. Black and white photocopiers are always cheaper to buy whereas colour photocopiers/printers are slightly more expensive. Bowden Digitec specialise in cost analysis with software to calculate and tell us where we can save you money and also making sure you have the correct photocopier/printers that is up to the job. A significant factor in considering your photocopier/printer options will be cost.

Photocopier purchasing

The cost to purchase significantly varies in range from £200 to £18,000. The final price is dependent upon.

  • Speed of copier the faster the more expensive
  • Colour photocopier are always more expensive

A basic office A3 photocopier/printer standard with no options comes only with 2x universal trays a document feeder and a cabinet.

Additional Options

Always increase your cost but they can save you time so you can work more efficiently. That's why Bowden Digitec like to speak to you, so we can make sure you get the right Photocopier/printer at the right price.

  • Bowden Digitec will always assess what your needs are and make sure you have the most suitable photocopier for your needs.
  • Faster Document feeders
  • Staple units (will staple 50 pages or 100 pages Staple units’ options)
  • Hole punch
  • Additional paper trays
  • Sorters
  • Booklet makers
  • Share point
  • Google drive
  • Apps

Used Photocopiers

It is also possible to purchase second-hand machines at half the cost of a new machine, there are various ways to buy a low cost photocopier for your office and we also recommend that you do a quick assessment of your needs.

What are the advantages of buying a photocopier?

  • Ownership
  • No agreements (that may be hard to terminate)
  • Spending less compared to what you spend on leasing

What are the disadvantages of buying a photocopier?

  • 100% payment in full at time of purchase
  • You may need a loan or financing to help with the purchase
  • Value will decrease over time
  • Out of the blue repair fees
  • Once owned it will be down to you to ring round to get repaired, serviced, and any toners etc.

Bowden Digitec believe owning a photocopier and trying to do all of the above takes the focus off your own business and feel it’s always best to leave it to the professionals, one number, no stress, it just works so you can work.

How much does it cost to own and operate a photocopier?

There is a cost of owning a photocopier over its lifecycle and this will incur a cost to your business.

  1. Start with the purchase price.
  2. Add the cost of any service agreements if applicable. Click to find out more
  3. Add the cost of consumables (paper, toner, staples).Click to find out more
  4. No service agreement click here to find out more

Photocopier lease what are the disadvantages ?

  1. Greater, long-term expense.
  2. You have to continue paying even if you stop using the equipment. This is due to lease terms that include a lease period.
  3. Increased administration, negotiation time and any legal costs in reviewing contracts.

How to decide on a photocopier service & maintenance contract?

Maintenance contracts can vary between companies and it is important to read the terms and conditions carefully.

Ask yourself the following:

  1. What will the contract cover?
  2. Will it be a fixed-fee per month or will it be based on usage?
  3. Are the costs of parts and labour covered?
  4. Are consumable costs included?
  5. Will you receive a replacement if your photocopier malfunctions?
  6. How quickly can a technician be on location?
  7. Will the price of your contract increase over time?

How to compare photocopier prices?

Why not use our free service to find a quotation from a top UK supplier in your area.

Click here for a free photocopier/printer quote.

Before You Make a Decision

Bowden Digitec has 19 years’ experience in the photocopier and desktop printer arena. We are here to give you the knowledge which will help you make the right decisions for your business.

What are your current and future photocopying needs?

At Bowden Digitec we like to give the right advice from the very start.

The photocopier and print industry has changed substantially, meaning more and more clients are trying to reduce the amount they print and copy and are really watching what they use. Bowden Digitec offer a free print management solution that fully monitors your photocopiers and printers on your network, every day, we are looking at the system that monitors your printers remotely so we know when you need supplies, saving your staff time, on ordering supplies.

  1. How many copies/prints will you make a month?
  2. Will you require colour copies or only black and white copies?
  3. Do you need additional features and functions such as faxing, email, scanning or image editing?
  4. How many paper trays are needed
  5. If you require sorter, staple booklet makers

With this information above we can make sure you get the right print solution for your business.

Although Bowden Digitec believe in meeting new potential clients to advise you correctly

So you get the right device.

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